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The Cement that Changes the Nature of Dentistry

Ceramir Crown & Bridge permanent cement by Doxa, is the first product in a new class of unique materials called Nanostructurally Integrating Bioceramics (NIB). While the idea is simple – to create a resilient, more natural bioceramic dental material that mimics and integrates with natural tooth structure – the technology behind it is the result of almost 25 years of clinical research and development. The result is a truly revolutionary breakthrough in luting cement technology that provides outstanding long-term retentive strength and stability with no shrinkage, and virtually no postoperative sensitivity.

A Natural Development

Ceramir Crown & Bridge distinguishes itself from all other cements – resins, glass ionomers and other water-based cements. Ceramir Crown & Bridge is a biocompatible, bioceramic cement that integrates with the tooth at the molecular level. Unlike other cements, this bioceramic material fosters the build-up of nano-crystals that attach to the tooth surface during the hardening phase. This biomimetic process known as nanostructural integration, gives Ceramir Crown & Bridge the unique capacity to seal the tooth-restorative interface without the shrinkage, stress and chemical degradation associated with other cements. Ceramir Crown & Bridge also creates an alkaline environment, which is designed to eliminate postoperative sensitivity and resist acid and bacterial decay. These unique properties of Ceramir Crown & Bridge provide an outstanding level of retention and long term stability in the oral environment.

Easy to Use… Naturally

Ceramir Crown & Bridge is truly hydrophilic, with excellent performance and handling in moist environments. It wets and flows well, and has a viscoelastic consistency that readily facilitates complete seating of the restoration. Simple to work with, Ceramir Crown & Bridge requires no etching, priming, bonding or conditioning This self-adhesive, self-curing material is easy to handle and unlike technique-sensitive resin-based cements, delivers ample working and setting times that allow excess cement to be easily removed.

About Doxa and Doxa Dental Inc.

Doxa is an Uppsala, Sweden based company group that develops, manufactures and commercializes bioceramic dental materials. With an extensive patent portfolio, Doxa today is a world leader in the development of proprietary bioceramic technologies. Doxa’ s flagship product, Ceramir® Crown & Bridge Cement, is the first of a series of planned bioceramic dental materials from Doxa. Ceramir C&B is an advanced dental luting cement for permanent cementation of crowns and bridges and has received numerous awards. The Doxa Group consists of Doxa AB (publ), Doxa Dental AB, and Doxa Dental, Inc. (US Subsidiary).