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The Cement that Changes the Nature of Dentistry

Ceramir Crown & Bridge luting cement, winner of the 2010 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation, is the first product in a new class of unique materials – Nanostructurally Integrating Bioceramics (NIB) – distinguishing itself from all other dental cements on the market today.Ceramir Crown & Bridge luting cement has many immediately appealing benefits both in handling and in the long term benefits to you and your patients.

Natural and Biocompatible:  No cement is closer to natural tooth structure.

Seamless Nano-structural Integration

  • Five-year in vivo calcium aluminate study proves biocompatibility*
  • Non-irritating to the pulp – based on undisputed histological studies
  • No post-op sensitivity**

*A five-year retrospective clinical study of calcium-aluminate in retrograde endodontics. L. KRAFT, et al., J Dent Res 2008 Abstr #1333, Vol. 88 Special Issue B.

**No cement related post-op sensitivity was reported in clinical trials, handling evaluations or post market surveillance among more than 25,000 patients.

Permanent and Stable with Exceptional Retentive Strength:  Makes contact with tooth-tissue tight, impermeable and stable over the long term.

  • Fosters build-up of nano-crystals that integrate with tooth (dentin and enamel) and material — Biomimetic material called Nanostructurally Integrating Bioceramics (NIB)
  • Creates alkaline environment (high pH) to resist acid and bacterial decay, unlike all other cements on the market
  • Thermal properties similar to dental tissue help minimize stress and microleakage
  • Successfully integrates with all irregularities on the contact surface
  • Does not require optimal conditions for a good seal
  • Remains chemically stable in the oral environment over time
  • Release fluoride

Strong:  Retention equal to or superior to resin cements.

Effective:  Gets stronger over time – remains stable, does not degrade.

Easy to Use and Handle:

  • No etching, priming, bonding or conditioning – SAVES TIME!
  • Hydrophilic and handles well in moist environments
  • Wets and flows well
  • Viscoelastic consistency helps crown slip easily into place
  • Easy to remove excess cement