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Hear what the experts are saying about this revolutionary cement!
“Ceramir is easy to use and has excellent clean-up. But that’s not why I use it. I’ve never seen a cement that had so many desirable characteristics! A pH of 8.5 and the ability to fill in gaps with new crystalline structure!! I feel more confident with the long term stability of the restoration when Ceramir is the cement under my crowns. It’s a no brainer when proper resistance/retention form is present.”
Gregory Gillepie, DDS Vancouver, WA
“Since the ASDA, we have used Ceramir almost exclusively… and as suspected, we have had very easy clean-up (actually a breeze) and absolutely no post-operative sensitivity. Please send more! My staff and I are in love with the stuff…you have cut our cementing time in half.”
Marty Zase, DMD, MAGD, AAACD Colchester, CT
“At three years plus of continual use in my practice, when compared to all other general luting agents, Ceramir has proven to be the most trusted material. Easy to use, easy to clean up, biocompatible and zero sensitivity. More importantly, my assistants prefer this material over all others in our office. Ceramir mixes better, handles better and cleans off better than anything on the market. Ceramir is a TRUSTED and regular part of my prosthetic armamentarium.”
Brian Gray, DDS Washington, DC
“One of the more exciting and promising recent developments in dentistry and medicine… possesses further unique properties not found in the top tier competitors. Nano crystal hydroxyapatite formation and basic pH properties contribute to a self-sealing luting agent that is non-irritating to the pulp.”
Cornelius H. Pameijer, DMD, DS, PhD Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut
“No sensitivity on any case, easy to clean, and the cement has a unique “feel” during cementation that is beneficial when cementing without anesthesia. Units seat without resistance.”
Robert R. McLachlan, DDS, Prosthodontist Palm Desert, CA
“I reviewed the research behind Ceramir and was impressed. I love the benefits of being able to use Ceramir with gold, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. I really like the idea that it “recharges” itself and has resistance to new decay. I always explain the benefits of using Ceramir to my patients and even though they think I am a nerd, they are happy to hear that the qualities of Ceramir get stronger over time rather than weaker. This makes them extremely satisfied because they know that their work will last. After implementing Ceramir into my practice, I saw great results. Prosthetics stay in! And I have yet to find any decay under a Ceramir cemented unit. I would recommend this to any practitioner because of the retention and prevention of decay are outstanding with this product.”
Richard Wright, DDS Peoria, IL
“Ceramir Crown & Bridge’s application characteristics speak for themselves. It wets and flows well, the crown slips easily into place and it has an excellent consistency while hardening. It’s easy to remove any excess during the “rubbery phase”, and altogether, my work time is less than with the cement I would normally have used.”
Per Haag, DDS Private Practitioner | Former Global Product Manager Procera
“The ideal cement is viscous enough to allow the crown/bridge to be held upside down, but at the same time allows for the crown to be seated without any viscoelastic resistance – that’s exactly how it feels with Ceramir Crown & Bridge. Crowns can be slid into place without resistance.”
Stefan Ellner Senior Consultant Oral Prosthodontics | Kalmar County Hospital, Sweden
“As we continue to see advances in dental materials for the pediatric dentist, the availability of cements (Ceramir) that bond to both tooth, stainless steel and the new ceramic pedo crowns (EZPedo) is a welcome addition to our ever changing ability to esthetic restorations for children. The additional benefits of Ceramir’s hydrophilic nature and non-alkaline properties remove the yucky taste children dislike.”
Lawrence Kotlow, DDS Albany, NY